I know we ‘ve all probably gone through a time when all we can do is count our blessings and the blessings of others.

I have been in a place where all I could do is count mine and others’ blessings. The worst part of this all was not actually the counting, but rather the comparisons I always made every time I counted mine and others blessings. Other people’s blessings always seem more every time I weigh between the two.

Well, as time has gone by, I have come to realize that there have been people that have been counting my blessings too-(so I too am blest…..actually), and they too have been comparing their lives to mine-(how awesome is that), and I think to myself, Gods eyes and hands are better fixed on others than me-(how dumb of me).


So, after realising that I, like other people who will admit to this, have a tendency of counting others blessings and envying them thinking they have it all together, I have decided that’s not the case and had to put an end to this bad act. Life is way too short to be wasted on being ungrateful with what God has blest us with, and to be comparing others’ blessing with ours, even worse to think that others are better than us.

God gave us all different gifts and talents-(and He did this for a purpose), and while we might have similar needs, it goes without saying that we don’t need whatever we feel we need all at the same time. It will be very wise to be happy when others succeed or get something they need-(even if we too wanted the same exact thing)-to rejoice in their happiest moment.

We need to be grateful for the things we have, and of course work hard towards acquiring what we still want to have.

I have stopped thinking others are better than me or blest better, because I have come to understand that what is good for my neighbour might not be the right thing for me. And what is good and right for me might not be the right thing for the person next to me.


While I have come to this realisation, I also understand that there are people still wallowing in this habit. In the meantime, I will praise the Lord for all He’s done in life-(which by the way, I could never be able to count or even mention), I wouldn’t even know where to start from. I will let others count my blessings for me, and while there are at it, I will take advantage and note down whatever they notice, maybe then-(just maybe)-I ‘d be able to count them.


Till then, I will be grateful for the uncountable blessings upon my life.