I love to write. I don't just write to expresss myself, I also write because its the one thing I love to do with all my heart and does not require me being physical and all that.




Am Growing And Getting There.

So much has been said about growing up: its hard, its a challenge, it was fun, I had everything I needed, it could have been better and the sort. I too have my own story about growing up.

One area that all people will agree with is the area of relationships. Honestly speaking, I didn’t know until I got into one that relationships are actually loads of work. But I have now grown to know that its a lot of work and requires one to fully give their whole, hence we young people must not rush into relationships.

The result to young people going into relationships while still young and not ready usually is lose focus and direction in life. Mending a heartbreak is no easy task even for older humans, and worse for younger ones. It has been said since ancient times, ‘there’s time for everything’ and believe you me, there is.

The heart is one part of us that doesn’t easily heal, it can take forever to heal. The secret to healing a heart is forgiveness. To forgive and forget might somewhat be very hard and in many cases impossible, but forgiving is never impossible, its all a matter of choice. Once you decide you to forgive, healing comes naturally.

stupid love

No matter the experience, once we accept to forgive and heal, acceptance comes in without even inviting it. We can all rise above any emotional mishaps we may have gone through, healing is always possible.

Love is a beautiful thing, and so lets not let past experiences determine the future of our love lives. The only choice we have now is be hopeful, cause you cant see any thing with your eyes and heart closed, so keep them open and have a positive attitude towards love cause its such an amazing thing and sooooo the opposite  of HATE.

stronger each night strong

Growing up is a challenge, its hard, what not and what not, its not easy, and making wise decisions is even more difficult. So as we grow, it ‘d be wise to learn from other peoples experiences too.

Whatever the case, lets make sure we enjoy GROWING.

About Me.

My names are Maurine Hytz and I am a Zambian  that enjoys writing more than anything. I am an employee, entrepreneur and aspiring employer.

I am a people person and I hate animals (not in a bad way here). I love cooking and eating nice and delicious meals cause I feel I deserve the best food in the world.

I am a Christian and I love Jesus and acknowledge He died for my sins. I don’t watch much TV, or listen to a lot of music, other than work, studying and reading, I cant explain how else I keep busy (though am likely to be sleeping if not doing any of these).

I hope to have fun as I will be writing on my blog, and to all the people that will read them, hope you enjoy and get inspired. Continue reading “About Me.”

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